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Bulletin for Sunday, June 14th

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Слава Ісусу Христу! Слава на віки!  Glory To Jesus Christ!  Glory Forever!   ☘️ ☘️ “Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew the right Spirit within me. Cast me not away from your presence, and take not your Holy Spirit from me. Restore unto me the joy of your salvation, and with your governing Spirit establish me.” (Ps 50: 10-12)☘️ Dear Sisters and Brothers, From the Chancery Office: ♦️”With recent Ontario Premier’s announcement about partial lifting of COVID-19 Pandemic related restrictions, we have received quite a barrage of inquiries and reminders about re-opening of our Churches.   Please, be advised that we are aware of this announcement.  Please,  also note that Church Re-opening Committee will hold its 1st session to review and adapt ACBO’s June 5thguiding document “WORSHIPSAFE – Directives Concerning Church Operations, Pandemic and Epidemic Emergency Situations”, tomorrow.  We will keep you informed about the progress of this work as soon as possible.  Please, stay healthy, safe and ….patient.  Afterall, we, too, want to go back to normal…..” ♦️AS SOON AS WE ARE PERMITTED BY OUR CHANCERY OFFICE TO BEGIN PUBLIC DIVINE WORSHIP IN OUR CHURCH THE FOLLOWING SUMMER SCHEDULE WILL BE IMMEDIATELY IMPLEMENTED. 

♦️”The NEW Summer Schedule for this year” Saturday - 5:30 pm Divine Liturgy in English  Sunday - 8:30 am Divine Liturgy in Ukrainian (new time) Sunday - 10:00 am Divine Liturgy in English (new time) (We will use the church hall when there is an extreme heat alert.) DO YOU REQUIRE ASSISTANCE? Due to the growing concern with COVID-19, our community is offering to help parishioners who are shut in. If you or anyone you know requires help with picking up groceries or running any other errands, please call Fr. Terry 416-251-3877. БУДЬ ЛАСКА ПOМОЛИТИСЯ: за Вашу родину, за членів Парафії, а особливо за тих, які знаходяться в лікарнях, або тих що очікують Божої відповіді на їхні молитви, або радіють Божою відповідю або за тих що покликані до їхньої вічної винагороди, або за родину яку вони залишили. Помолитись про мирне розв’язання конфлікту в Україні і усьому світі . PRAYER FOR THE SICK AND SHUT INS: O God our  Father, we pray to restore physical health to our parishioners who are weakened with illness, peace to those troubled with worry, and comfort to those discouraged with problems. Help them find strength, faith and trust in You and a love for one another to guide them through any health challenge they may face. Amen. PENTECOST PANAKHYDA will be served in accord with all public health guidelines, including physical distancing and gathering size restrictions.    ПАНАХИДИ НА П'ЯТИДЕСЯТНИЦЮ будуть відслужені на кладовищах відповідно до норм міністерства охорони здоров'я, включно фізичною дистанцією та обмеження кількості людей. You must inform Fr. Terry at 416-251-3877  (loz@ and reserve a time for your Panakhyda.  Якщо бажаєте панахиду можете договоритися з о. Tapacom - 416-251-3877 ( 🔴ST. VOLODYMYR (Oakville) this Saturday, June 13 at 9:30 a.m. ️We thank members of our parish branch of the UCWLC for donating $200.00 for the needs of our parish on the occasion of UCWLC National Day.  God bless and protect! June 21st is Father’s Day! On this Sunday let us offer special prayers  for fathers, grandfathers, God-fathers, and men who take the place of father’s, living and deceased.  🔴Бути святим - To Be A Saint “Не є привілей кількох aле поколикання кожного.”Папа Франциск “To be saints is not a privilege for the few but a vocation for everyone.” Pope Francis 🔴”To be a saint is to be fueled by gratitude, nothing more and nothing less. The highest compliment we can give to God, our Creator, is to thoroughly enjoy the gift of life. One should never look a gift universe in the mouth!” (Fr. R. Rolheiser, OMI) Fr. Terry has  recorded a Reflection #13.  See attachment.

Sermon 13.mp3
Download ZIP • 6.22MB

OUR CONDOLENCES to the family and friends of +Fr. Roman Lahola, a priest of our Eparchy serving in Montreal, who reposed in the Lord on June 3 after a prolonged illness. Please pray for the repose of his soul and remember his wife, Dobrodiyka Luba. ВІЧНАЯ ПАМ'ЯТЬ!

FINANCIAL CONSIDERATION:   Gratitude for Your Church Donations!

Thank you parishioners who continue to support the parish during this time. For many this is a difficult time financially.  However.  if you have the means please don't forget the needs of the parish. Also, remember the poor in your communities and consider donating to a local foodbank. Дякую парафіянам, які продовжують фінансово підтримувати  парафію. Для багатьох це фінансово важкий час. Однак. якщо у вас є засоби, будь ласка, не забувайте про потреби парафії. Крім того, пам’ятайте про бідних у своїх громадах та пожертвуйте в банку харчування.

We continue to offer two options for your support:

Please mail cheques to: CHRIST THE GOOD SHEPHERD/ST. MICHAEL’S, 182 Sixth St., Toronto, ON M8V 3A5

-OR- (preferred method)

Use INTERAC e-Transfer:  transfer sent to will be automatically deposited to the account of CHRIST THE GOOD SHEPHERD PARISH AT ST MICHAELS UKRAINIAN CATHOLIC CHURCH at BMO Bank of Montreal. ( if not automatically deposited,  send answer to your security question)

Christ the Good Shepherd Parish St. Michael's Ukrainian Catholic Church Visit us on Facebook at 

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