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 Bulletin for Sunday, October 11,  2020

 Bulletin for Sunday, October 11,  2020 Слава Ісусу Христу! Слава на віки!  Glory To Jesus Christ!  Glory Forever!  Пресвятая Богородице спаси нас! We pray in hope that God’s healing power may touch those parishioners who are sick and ask Mary for her intercession in healing them. We look forward to seeing your kind faces, even if they are behind a mask! As Thanksgiving approaches, let us count ourblessings and be more aware of how gratefulness can change our lives. This Pandemic will pass, we will have learned many lessons and hopefully will have grown in faith and trust in God. We are God’s children, we belong to Him and we belong to one another. I wish you  a Blessed Thanksgiving and remind you that to truly celebrate begins with “Thanksliving!” God bless you all! ♦️Something to consider  ... This is an old story about four people named Everybody, Somebody, Anybody and Nobody. There was an important job to be done and Everybody was sure that Somebody would do it. Anybody could have done it, but Nobody did it. Somebody got angry about that, because it was Everybody’s job. Everybody thought Anybody could do it, but Nobody realized that Everybody wouldn’t do it. It ended up that Everybody blamed Somebody when Nobody did what Anybody could have done! The sheep are on the move!   The  link to join our Facebook FlockWalk group is: Evangeline and Sean are working on a program to tabulate the steps. Sonia thinks even if someone isn’t on Facebook they may still participate with this counter. We should have more details soon. (For details please email Sonia: The random weekly winner of a gift card is Fred.

♦️For Consideration. A parish is a family. Happy families have many things in common, one of them being that all family members contribute as they are able to the common good. In the parish setting this means that we all have the opportunity and the responsibility to use the time, talent, and treasure God has given us to contribute to the healthy functioning and growth of our dear parish. Families grow and thrive by having new members join them by marriage or by the birth, and these new members then contribute out of their own store of knowledge, experience, and energy. ♦️Для Роздумування. Парафія - це сім’я. Щасливі сім’ї мають багато спільного, одне з них полягає в тому, що всі члени сім’ї роблять, у мірі можливості, свій внесок на користь загального блага. У парафіяльних умовах це означає, що ми всі маємо можливість і відповідальність використовувати час, талант та скарби, які Бог дав нам, щоб сприяти здоровому функціонуванню та зростанню нашої дорогої парафії. Сім'ї зростають і процвітають, коли нові члени приєднуються до них шляхом одруження або народження дітей, які потім вносять свій внесок із своїх знань, досвіду та енергії. Sermon #29 is attached

Sermon 29.mp3
Download ZIP • 2.45MB

Divine Liturgy Schedule  Saturday - 5:30 pm Divine Liturgy in English  Sunday - 8:30 am Divine Liturgy in Ukrainian  We will return to the Regular Schedule the Weekend AFTER Thanksgiving Sunday:  Sat. 5:30 pm.  Sun. 9:00 am and 10:30 am FINANCIAL SUPPORT IN UNCERTAIN TIMES ♦️Thank you! The financial support which the parish has received since the beginning of the COVID crisis has been truly extraordinary. Please accept our most heartfelt and prayerful gratitude. May the Lord bless you abundantly! ♦️Дякуємо! Фінансова підтримка, яку парафія отримувала з початку кризи COVID, насправді надзвичайна й неймовірна. Прийміть нашу найщирішу молитовну подяку. Хай Господь щедро вас благословить! We continue to offer two donation options: ♦️Please bring your Sunday Offerings to church or mail cheques to: CHRIST THE GOOD SHEPHERD/ST. MICHAEL’S, 182 Sixth St., Toronto, ON M8V 3A5 -OR- (preferred method) ♦️Make an E-TRANSFER one-time donation. • Make a donation directly from your bank account using your online banking or your banking app on your smartphone. • Use the parish email,, as the recipient. • We are set up for auto-deposit so no passwords or secret questions are required.  Christ the Good Shepherd Parish St. Michael's Ukrainian Catholic Church

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