Bulletin for Sunday, October 25, 2020

Слава Ісусу Христу! Слава на віки!  Glory To Jesus Christ!  Glory Forever!  Пресвятая Богородице спаси нас!

Father Terry remembers all of you and asks for God's blessings of health, joy, compassion, love and peace in these troubled times. Отець Тapac пам'ятає всіх вас і просить Божих благословень на здоров'я, радість, співчуття, любов і мир у ці неспокійні часи.

️A thought ... If the reason for your absence from Divine Liturgy  is because you’ve become accustomed to staying away, please pray and reconsider rejoining us if you feel safe to do so.  Our primary concern is the health and well-being of our parishioners. God loves you, and we do too, and we sure do miss all of our family. ❗️EVERYONE IN ATTENDANCE  MUST WEAR A MASK❗️

We pray in hope that God’s healing power may touch those parishioners who are sick and ask Mary for her intercession in healing them.

October 28 - Wednesday - UCWLC ZOOM Mtg at 7:00 pm

The sheep are on the move!   Use this link to input daily kms.

Sermon #31 is attached Divine Liturgy -  Regular Schedule RESUMES Saturday - 5:30 pm Divine Liturgy in English  Sunday -    9:00 am  Divine Liturgy in Ukrainian 

10:30 am Divine Liturgy in English —*** 10 Parishioners attended Liturgy this morning.  Plenty of space to accommodate social distancing. ***  Sunday is still the Lord’s Day. What are you doing to honour it? Hеділя - це все-таки День Господа. Що ви все робите, щоб його шанувати?

Catechetical (Religion)Resources on line in English 1. Royal Doors with daily readings and reflections, UGCC Catechism online, articles, etc. - 2. Formed: Christian movies, TV shows, prayers, etc. - 3. Dynamic Catholic. Beautiful resource for the whole family with Catechism for children, marriage enrichment programs, etc. - 4. God With Us - an outreach project of the Eparchial Directors of Religious Education and Eastern Catholic Associates and is dedicated to the catholic renewal of Eastern Catholics in accord with the Church’s call for a new evangelization: 5. Word on Fire Institute: gospel


♦️ We are most grateful to all of you who have been donating for the support of the church. God bless you and keep you in His loving care. ♦️Дякуємо! Фінансова підтримка, яку парафія отримувала з початку кризи COVID, насправді надзвичайна й неймовірна.  Хай Господь щедро вас благословить. We continue to offer two donation options: ♦️Please bring your Sunday Offerings to church or mail cheques to: CHRIST THE GOOD SHEPHERD/ST. MICHAEL’S, 182 Sixth St., Toronto, ON M8V 3A5 -OR- (preferred method) ♦️Make an E-TRANSFER donation. • Make a donation directly from your bank account using your online banking or your banking app on your smartphone. • Use the parish email,, as the recipient. • We are set up for auto-deposit so no passwords or secret questions are required. 

❗️PLEASE READ ❗️If you donate by etransfer: Please indicate your envelope number in the message section of your etransfer. This message section can also be used to indicate your contribution to the MONTHLY special collections. The special collection for October is for the Seminary Fund. The special collection for November is for the Church in Ukraine.  Thank you.

Christ the Good Shepherd Parish St. Michael's Ukrainian Catholic Church Visit us on Facebook at  Visit our new website at (Anastasia Aguiar - Account Administrator)

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