Bulletin for Sunday, September 7, 2020

Слава Ісусу Христу! Слава на віки!  Glory To Jesus Christ!  Glory Forever!  Пресвятая Богородице спаси нас!  Dear Sisters and Brothers, ♦️OUR CHURCH IS NOW OPEN.   PLEASE FOLLOW ALL HEALTH AND SAFETY PROCEDURES WHEN ATTENDING.♦️ Вітаємо нашого пароха, отця Tapaca з 45 - річницею Священьства. Нехай Господь благословить Вас здоров’ям, ласками і силами. На Многії Літа, отче Tapac! We offer our congratulations to our pastor Fr. Terry on his 45  anniversary of ordination to the priesthood. May the Lord bless him with good health and grace. Mnohaya Lita! Fr. Terry will celebrate Divine Liturgies of Thanksgiving on Saturday, September 12 at 5:30 p.m. and Sunday,  September 13 at 8:30 a.m.  Please join him in the celebration.   If you are unable to attend please remember Fr. Terry in your kind prayers! ...️ Кажеш в світі так мало любові - даруй любов. Кажеш в світі так мало тепла - даруй тепло! Добро починається з Тебе. You say there is too little love in this world. YOU be loving. You say there is too little warmth in this world. YOU be the one to bring warmth! All good starts with YOU! ...️

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♦️FEAST OF THE BEGINNING OF THE INDICTION falls on Tuesday, September 1. This is the beginning of the new Church Year and is commemorated by both the Catholics and Orthodox as the World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation.  ♦️СВЯТО НАЧАЛО ІНДИКТИ випадає в вівторок 1-го вересня. Це є початок нового Церковного року. ♦️БЛАГОСЛОВЕННЯ УЧНІВ ТА ВЧИТЕЛІВ в неділю 19/20-го вересня. ♦️BLESSING OF STUDENTS AND TEACHERS weekend of Sunday September 20. ❗️IMPORTANT REQUEST  In preparing the 2021 Sunday Offering Envelopes and Church Wall Calendars, we have noticed that our parish registration records require updating.  Also during the pandemic many parishioners have switched over to the E-transfer method to make their Sunday Offering and have indicatrd they would appreciate to continue using this method. We ask you to fill out the FORM you received and email it to Fr. Terry ( by Tuesday, September 1.  You can also mail the info to the Church 182 Sixth Street Toronto M8V 3A5 or bring it with you when you come to church on Saturday/Sunday.  All gathered information remains confidential. Summer Schedule  Saturday - 5:30 pm Divine Liturgy in English    Sunday - 8:30 am Divine Liturgy in Ukrainian  Let us continue to pray: For all who are grieving the loss of loved ones due to Covid-19; for all those who are ill with COVID-19 and their families; and for all of us who are navigating this strange new world, that we may receive God’s comfort, strength, and peace. For all essential workers, who continue to put themselves at risk to care for the sick and most vulnerable, maintain our food supply, deliver supplies, keep our public services running, and lead us through this crisis. ♦️If you know someone who might be home-bound or isolated and needs help  and you are not able to help them yourself please inform Father. ♦️If anyone has any particular need please do not hesitate to call Father. Through our common prayers and with God’s help we have faith that this crisis will pass.  ОСОБИСТА МОЛИТВА ХРИСТИЯНИН: Молитва «Отче наш» “Молитва «Отче наш» є осердям Святого Письма, «коротким змістом усього Євангелія» Поміщена в Нагірній проповіді – вченні про нове життя християнина, вона поєднує в собі й Об’явлення Бога як Отця, і нашу синівську відповідь віри, в якій «зі сміливістю» просимо в Отця «те, що нам потрібне» (див. Мт. 6, 32; Лк. 12, 30). Цю молитву, яку дав нам і навчив Сам Господь, називаємо Господньою молитвою, і тому Він є водночас Вчителем і Взірцем нашої молитви.”(Катехизм "Христос – Наша Пасха" Параграф 675.) FINANCIAL SUPPORT IN UNCERTAIN TIMES ♦️Дякую парафіянам, які продовжують фінансово підтримувати парафію, відмовляючись, передаючи електронні повідомлення та надсилаючи регулярні пожертви. Для багатьох це фінансово важкий час, і тому вашого часу, таланту та молитов вистачає. Однак, якщо у вас є засоби, будь ласка, не забувайте про потреби парафії. Крім того, пам’ятайте про бідних у своїх громадах та пожертвуйте в банку харчування. ♦️ Thank you for considering how you can continue to support your parish during COVID-19.  When many of us are staying at home, the parish continues to look for ways to connect and inspire you.  Stay in touch through our website, facebook, emails and taped sermons. Dealing with this virus has presented many different challenges to our parishioners. We rely on donations and are asking parishioners, as much as they are able during these challenging times, for their support. We continue to offer two donation options: ♦️Please bring your Sunday Offerings to church or mail cheques to: CHRIST THE GOOD SHEPHERD/ST. MICHAEL’S, 182 Sixth St., Toronto, ON M8V 3A5 -OR- (preferred method) ♦️Make an E-TRANSFER one-time donation. • Make a donation directly from your bank account using your online banking or your banking app on your smartphone. • Use the parish email,,as the recipient. • We are set up for auto deposit so no passwords or secret questions are required. 

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