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Weekly Bulletin for Weekend of Sunday, December 12, 2021 (We're Back!)

Glory to Jesus Christ! Слава Ісусу Христу!

”I pray that this Christmas, we are each gifted with some mystical experience, reminding us that we are beloved, part of a good world, stirring with the “newness of life.”

COVID-19 virus protocol guidelines are strictly adhered to during the visitation. 1. Stay home if you are not feeling well. Pray at home by watching our streaming service on Facebook. 2. Use hand sanitizer and register upon entering the church. 3. Adhere to physical distancing (6 feet) while sitting in pews. 4. Face masks are required.

Our Weekend Schedule. Saturday - Divine Liturgy (English) at 5:30 p.m. Sunday - Divine Liturgy (Ukrainian) at 9:00 a.m

Divine Liturgy (English) at 10:30 a.m, The Divine Liturgies celebrated at 5:30 p.m. and 9:00 a.m.are live streamed.

CONFESSION – Fr. Terry is available for Confession every Sunday morning from 8:00 a.m. to 8:45 a.m. and by appointment. СПОВІДЬ – о. Тарас доступний до сповіді щонеділі вранці з 8:00 до 8:45 та за попереднім записом.

HOME VISITS – If you are unable to attend Divine Liturgy for any reason please contact Fr. Terry at 416-251-3877 to arrange a pastoral visit. Father is pleased to bring Holy Communion and hear Confession if requested. ВІДВІДИНИ ПАРОХА – о. Tapac (416-251-3877) радо відвідає з Найсвятішими Тайнами охочих що не можуть з якої будь причини приходити до церкви.

STONEGATE CHRISTMAS GOOD FOOD BOX - 173 donated. Thank you and may God bless your generous hearts!, STONEGATE CHRISTMAS GOOD FOOD BOX - 173 пожертв. Нехай Бог благословить вашу щедрість!

The Ukrainian Catholic Women's League of Christ the Good Shepherd will have more beautiful Ukrainian clothing to sell on St. Nicholas Sunday and Bake Sale, December 19. СВЯТИЙ НИКОЛАЙ ВІДВІДАЄ - VISIT FROM ST. NICHOLAS – РІЗДВЯНИЙ МІНІ-МАРКEТ - MINI ADVENT MARKET AND BAKE SALE - 19 грудня. Look for your favourite recipes! We will be accepting baking on Saturday, Dec. 18 from 4:00 to 6:30, for purchase after the 5:30 liturgy and on Sunday, Dec. 19 beginning at 8:30 a.m. for purchase after the first and second liturgies. Please bring your baking already wrapped for sale. If you are able to help with the sale, please come during those times. Two vendors of gift items will also be joining us.

THANK YOU! *Parishioner who donated and decorated the outdoor Christmas urns.

THANK YOU! *Parishioner who arranged and covered all expenses associated with professionally cleaning and refurbishing the church chandeliers.

Zhyve TV, a Ukrainian Catholic television station in Ukraine which broadcasts online, is now in English. Visit their website,, or look them up on YouTube.

Christmas & Theophany Liturgical Schedule. ХРИСТОС РАЖДАЄТЬСЯ! ЛІТУРГІЙНИЙ РОЗКЛАД на Різдво і Богоявлення CHRIST IS BORN! Please note - All services are live streamed Friday, December 24 – Christmas Eve (A day of fast and abstinence from meat)- 9:00pm – Festal Divine Liturgy (English) Saturday, December 25 – Christmas; Nativity of Christ - 11:00am – Festal Divine Liturgy (English). *No 5:30pm Divine Liturgy on Saturday, December 25. * Sunday, December 26 - Sunday after Nativity. Regular Sunday Schedule ️️️2022️️️ Saturday, January 1 –Новий Рік; Обрізання Г.Н.І.Х. і Св. Василія Великого/New Year’s Day; Circumcision of Our Lord & St. Basil the Great 12 noon - Festal Divine Liturgy (Bilingual) Sunday, January 2– Regular Weekend Schedule Thursday , January 6–Навечір’я Різдва/Christmas Eve (A day of fast and abstinence from meat)- 9:00pm – Festal Divine Liturgy (Ukrainian) Friday, January 7 - Різдво Г.Н.І.Х./Christmas; Nativity of Christ - 11:00am – Festal Divine Liturgy (Ukrainian). Tuesday, January 18 –Передпразденство Богоявлення/Fore feast of Theophany. (A day of fast and abstinence from meat) 6:00 pm Divine Liturgy of St. Basil the Great & Great Blessing of Waters (Bilingual). Jordan Water will be only available in sealed bottles. Wednesday, January 19 –Богоявлення/Theophany (Feast of Jordan) 7:00 pm Festal Divine Liturgy(Bilingual)/Торж. Літургія


В часi Рiздва, по церквах в Епархiї переводиться спецiяльна збiрка, яку вiрнi жертвують для своїх священослужителiв, так звана “Дар Любови. Цей подарунок не є обов’язковим і повністю залежить від вибору особи. Для того можете вживати ковертку з Вашої коробки коверток At Christmas a Dar Lubovy” donation can be made that is intended for your clergy. Please use the envelope marked “Christmas Offering”. This gift is not compulsory and entirely up to the choice of the individual. If offering a cheque please make it payable to Fr. Terry Lozynsky. Please DO NOT USE parish etransfer since this will deposit your gift in the church general account.

An important notification from Stephanie (our financial recorder)

“If you would like to make a donation for 2021, please send it to us no later than December 30, 2021. We must process e-transfer donations on the date that they are recorded as processed by our bank (not on the date an e-transfer is initiated by the sender).”

E-TRANSFER INFORMATION Make a donation directly from your bank account using your online banking or your banking app on your smartphone. Make “Christ the Good Shepherd” the recipient and use the parish email address, ( Маємо можливість отримувати пожертви через E-transfer (онлайн). Якщо хочете скористатися цією можливістю, просто вкажіть парафіялний емейл ( як одержувача а в повідомленні вкажіть намір вашої пожертви.

Christ the Good Shepherd Parish St. Michael's Ukrainian Catholic Church

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