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Weekly Bulletin for Weekend of Sunday, December 26, 2021

Христос Раждається! Christ is Born! Славіте Його! Glorify Him!

Christmas is the gift from God of God’s very self for the sake of you being your very self so that the world might indeed know God’s love — in, through, and because of you. Merry Christmas indeed!

Різдво — це дар від Бога самогo Бога заради того, щоб ви були самим собою, щоб світ справді міг пізнати Божу любов — у вас, через і завдяки вам. Справді з Різдвом Христовим!

Thank you for your Christmas cards, greetings and gifts. Дякуємо за ваші різдвяні листівки, привітання та подарунки.

COVID-19 virus protocol guidelines are strictly adhered to during the visitation. 1. Stay home if you are not feeling well. Pray at home by watching our streaming service on Facebook. 2. Use hand sanitizer and register upon entering the church. 3. Adhere to physical distancing (6 feet) while sitting in pews. 4. Face masks are required.

Our Weekend Schedule. Saturday - Divine Liturgy (English) at 5:30 p.m. Sunday - Divine Liturgy (Ukrainian) at 9:00 a.m

Divine Liturgy (English) at 10:30 a.m, The Divine Liturgies celebrated at 5:30 p.m. and 9:00 a.m.are live streamed.

Your 2022 Church Contribution Envelopes & Calendars are now available.

Thank you UCWL Members for sponsoring a successful Mini Bazaar and Bake Sale. Thank you Parishioners for donating baked goods for this event. The new parish UCWL flag will be blessed during the Jordan Water Service on Jan. 18 at 6:00pm. More information to follow. Our love and prayers for each and everyone of you. May you enjoy this Christmas family feast all the days that follow. Allow the Lord to be reborn in you! A blessed feast of the Nativity of Christ, a happy and healthy 2022! Наша любов і молитви за кожного з вас. Нехай ви насолоджуєтеся цим різдвяним сімейним святом усі наступні дні. Щасливого свята Різдва Христового, щасливого і здорового 2022 року!

Christmas & Theophany Liturgical Schedule. ХРИСТОС РАЖДАЄТЬСЯ! ЛІТУРГІЙНИЙ РОЗКЛАД на Різдво і Богоявлення CHRIST IS BORN! Please note - All services are live streamed Friday, December 24 – Christmas Eve (A day of fast and abstinence from meat)- 9:00pm – Festal Divine Liturgy (English) Saturday, December 25 – Christmas; Nativity of Christ - 10:45 am - Carol Sing followed by Festal Divine Liturgy (English) at 11:00am. *No 5:30pm Divine Liturgy on Saturday, December 25. * Sunday, December 26 - Sunday after Nativity. Regular Sunday Schedule ️️️2022️️️

Saturday, January 1 –Новий Рік; Обрізання Г.Н.І.Х. і Св. Василія Великого/New Year’s Day; Circumcision of Our Lord & St. Basil the Great 12 noon - Festal Divine Liturgy (Bilingual) Sunday, January 2– Regular Weekend Schedule Thursday , January 6–Навечір’я Різдва/Christmas Eve (A day of fast and abstinence from meat)- 9:00pm – Festal Divine Liturgy (Ukrainian) Friday, January 7 - Різдво Г.Н.І.Х./Christmas; Nativity of Christ - 11:00am – Festal Divine Liturgy (Ukrainian). Tuesday, January 18 –Передпразденство Богоявлення/Fore feast of Theophany. (A day of fast and abstinence from meat) 6:00 pm Divine Liturgy of St. Basil the Great & Great Blessing of Waters (Bilingual). Jordan Water will be only available in sealed bottles. Wednesday, January 19 –Богоявлення/Theophany (Feast of Jordan) 7:00 pm Festal Divine Liturgy(Bilingual)/Торж. Літургія


Thank you for responding to our appeal to “catch up” on missed donations and/or donating a “little extra” if financially possible.

Щира подяка нашим парафіянам за щедрі пожертви та спільну молитву в продовж року! Нехай Господь зішле Вам і Вашим родинам мир, спокій та Божу Благодать! We thank all parishioners who fervently prayed with us and generously supported the parish throughout the year. Wishing you peace and happiness in the new year!

E-TRANSFER INFORMATION Make a donation directly from your bank account using your online banking or your banking app on your smartphone. Make “Christ the Good Shepherd” the recipient and use the parish email address, ( Маємо можливість отримувати пожертви через E-transfer (онлайн). Якщо хочете скористатися цією можливістю, просто вкажіть парафіялний емейл ( як одержувача а в повідомленні вкажіть намір вашої пожертви.

Christ the Good Shepherd Parish St. Michael's Ukrainian Catholic Church

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